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Animal Collectables

These realistic resin animal statues are the perfect enhancement to your home decor. We have figurines of domestic pets, farm animals, birds and a range of woodland and exotic tropical wildlife. Handcrafted to an incredible level of detail these models can be placed indoors to brighten up a happy home or hidden discretely around the garden to complete a woodland scene among your beds, borders and planting.

Lifelike animal statues can be used around the house as a beautiful ornament that complements your furniture and adds to your interior design scheme. Whether placed on a windowsill or curled up on the corner of a sofa, a sleeping cat, kitten or puppy provides a subtle, calming atmosphere in the living room while a loyal, obedient dog waiting by the front door or sitting beside the hearth offers a warm welcome to any home.

Wildlife Garden

Using these plastic figurines as animal garden ornaments is a fantastic way to bring your garden to life. Whether you have an owl perched on your garden fence or a pair of squirrels cheekily hiding by a tree stump these realistic statues will bring a clever dash of colour and excitement to your back garden.

Any wildlife enthusiast will be enthralled by our range of tropical animal sculptures for sale. Our collection of snakes, crocodiles and polar bears provides a safe but scary reminder that the world of wildlife really is wild. Experience the scale and detail of these usually hidden, timid or nocturnal animals close up without any fear of disturbing them or their delicate, threatened environment.

Most of these plastic animal models are life size and all are hand finished with an accurate level of detail that sets them apart from other toy animal figures. They are all collectable, providing the basis for a comprehensive collection of lifelike animal sculptures to be enjoyed by animal lovers and wildlife enthusiasts everywhere.