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Cat Statues

Our resin cat statues are available in a variety of poses and will add some playful charm to any home or garden. We have different colour cats and kittens in a nice selection of sitting, standing, sleeping, resting, and prowling poses, we even have some Garfield inspired statues. Alot of care and time is poured into the creation of each cat statue, they are painted all around and made from a resin that holds it's colours extremely well and stands up against our very changeable weather. Our cat garden ornaments and collectable cat figurines are life sized and incredibly detailed to look as realistic as possible, they can easily be mistaken for the real thing at first look. Perfect for cat lovers of all ages.

Cat statues can be positioned anywhere in the house to mimic the day-to-day activity of a domestic pet. Cats will spend hours sitting on a window sill taking in the scene outside before curling up in a cosy armchair or on a fluffed up cushion. Recreate these homely scenes by placing the realistic statues in whatever space takes your fancy – much like a cat would! The companionship of a beloved house cat is a powerful bond which can be reflected with the careful arrangement of our beautiful model cats and kittens.

These beautiful figurines are very collectable and will provide any animal lover with an exquisite hobby, building a collection that complements their lifestyle and providing a talking point for years to come. The degree of detail on these cats is of a very good quality and perfectly accentuates the different characteristics and markings that separate the many species of domestic cats and kittens. We have selected our range of cat sculptures to reflect that diversity within the feline world.

Our cat statues include the following; sleeping grey kitten, standing grey and black kitten, standing grey kitten, sitting garfield, standing garfield, prowling grey cat, sleeping cat with kitten, sleeping ginger kitten, standing ginger kitten, sleeping garfield, sleeping grey cat, resting grey cat, sleeping ginger, sitting ginger, and more.

Statues and ornaments of domestic cats have gained popularity in recent years with many cat lovers buying them to brighten up a room, commemorate a lost pet, or add some colour and life to the garden.

A resin cat statue will add an element of homely sophistication to any living room, giving an of air considered contentment. Whether your resin cat statue is placed on a window sill or at the foot of the stairs it will always give a feeling of well deserved satisfaction.
Indoor & Outdoor Statues
These collectible animal ornaments have all been manufactured from UV stable resin, this means they are frost resistant and won't lose any detail from exposure to prolonged periods in strong sunlight either. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor use and can be left out in the changeable British weather all year round without damage or fading of colours.