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Garden Gnomes

Resin garden gnome statues in a variety of playful poses for indoor & outdoor use. These gnomes are full of personality, richly detailed and provide a warm welcome to your lawn or garden. Our garden gnomes are very collectable lawn ornaments, with each statue complementing the next. They have enough differences to stand apart but enough similarities to bring them together to create a magical story on your lawn or garden. Gnome statues can be used to add colour and charm to any area of the home and garden and bring a little bit of fairy tale magic into the real world.

Garden gnomes have long been present in fairy tales and myths, the statues we all know and love originated in the 1800s in Germany where they were seen to bring luck. They typically depicted older men with beards and pointy red hats. Their colour and playfulness spread and they slowly found a home in gardens around the world. When Disney released Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in 1937 their popularity exploded and they became the lawn ornament of choice, the seven dwarves even resemble garden gnomes and I'm sure they have influenced the look and attitudes of later statues. With this surge in gnome interest, production increased rapidly in the UK and prices were brought down making them accessible to everybody. Their presence in British gardens may have waned in recent decades with many seeing these little guys as low-brow and kitsch but with recent innovations and the addition of cheekier and pop culture inspired appearances they are back on top where they belong. Our garden gnomes are the perfect lawn ornament to brighten up a dark or neglected area, their playful appearance is infectious and you will soon get caught up in their (imagined) antics.

Gnome Statues
All our gnome statues are highly detailed and lovingly finished, they each have their own personality. These little fellows bring their own charm and good nature to any setting. We stock them in a selection of colourful clothes and hats in among others, the following poses:
Sweeping Gnome, Digging Gnome, Caring Gnome, Hanging Upside Down, Mowing The Lawn, The Lumberjack (on his way to work), Watering Gnome, Megaphone Wielding Gnome, Assertive & Slightly Grumpy Gnome, Silencing Gnome, Playful Gnome, Romantic, Reading, and Sleeping Gnome. Any one or combination of these will look great on a patio or balcony, lawn or garden, in a garden shed or polytunnel or even around the house. They make the perfect garden gift.

A garden gnome statue will create a talking point for years to come and will always guarantee a smile. Start a garden gnome statue collection today and you will be continually adding to it. Children love to interact with these cheeky characters and will often create wonderful make believe worlds based around them them.

Indoor & Outdoor Statues
These collectible garden gnome statues have all been manufactured from a high quality UV stable resin, this means that they are frost resistant and won't lose any detail from exposure to prolonged periods in strong sunlight either. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor use and can be left out in our changeable weather all year round without damage or fading of colours.