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Owl Statues

Our resin owl statues and ornaments section also includes a selection of other large birds. These resin birds will add a unique and colourful edge to whatever setting they are placed in, they are definitely a conversation starter. Bird statues include both young and old models of owls, birds of prey, domesticated birds, pheasants, penguins, and more all in a wide variety of poses or activities.  These resin statues, made by Garden Creations, add a colourful charm to any home or garden.  They make a fantastic gift for the bird and animal lover and make a great addition to the garden. They are also ideal for use as an educational tool for young children in schools and creches, bird parks, bird sanctuaries, wildlife parks, pet farms, animal open farms, petting zoos, and retail displays.

Positioning a resin owl statue adds a touch of realistic detail to your garden, at home amongst trees and bushes. Model owls are commonly used as a deterrent to garden garden pests and other unwanted visitors.


Owls & Other Birds
Owl statues and owl chick statues to suit any strigiphile (Owl Lover), we have all the classic species of owl including grey owl, barn owl, and tawny owl, as well as snowy owls, eagle owls, and more. Also included here are a very wide selection of statues both young and old of Falcon, Eagle, Lorikeet, Parrot, Red Macaw, Toucan, Pelican, Pheasant, Partridge, Penguins and more.

Most owls are nocturnal animals actively hunting their prey in darkness although some species prefer to be active during the twilight hours of dawn and dusk. They will perch above the forest floor tracking their potential prey before swooping in for the kill. The owl’s markings are very important, their dark speckled colours allowing them to be remain hidden amongst the foliage until the very last moment. The structure of an owl’s wing muffles the sound and allows the bird to swoop silently, surprising its victim. These remarkable features have been painstakingly reproduced on our beautiful resin models with an incredible amount of detail. Model owls are perfect for creating woodland scenes in any back garden, establishing a virtual wildlife display at your fingertips.

Our range of model birds can be distributed about your trees, hedges and outbuildings to cleverly reflect a wildlife haven. Whether these model animals are part of an outdoor woodland scene or placed individually in the home they are a marvellous point of interest that can become the cornerstone of any model animal collection.

Resin bird statues are a wonderful introduction to the world of wildlife, nurturing an appreciation of these beautiful creatures. Whether you are a nature lover or a model enthusiast they will definitely complement any collection.

Resin Animal Ornaments
A lot of care and time is poured into the creation of each and every owl and bird statue, they are painted all around and made from a UV stable resin that holds it's colours extremely well and stands up against our very changeable weather. These Owl & bird garden ornaments and collectible figurines are life sized and finished with outstanding feather detailing to look as realistic as possible, they can easily be mistaken for the real thing at first look. Perfect for all bird and animal lovers of all ages.

These collectable ornaments have all been manufactured from a UV stable resin, this means that they are frost resistant and won't lose any detail from exposure to prolonged periods in strong sunlight either. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor use and can be left out in the changeable British weather all year round without damage or fading of colours.