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Woodland Animal Statues

Our resin woodland animal garden ornaments include both young and old varieties of  the typical animals associated with our British forests. Alot of our most common woodland animals are quite difficult to get a long lok at and dart off as soon as you can catch the shortest of glimpses of them. These incredibly realistic figurines will give your garden the appearance of being full of wildlife. Included in the woodland range are Rabbits, Hares, Squirrels, Hedgehogs, Badgers, Foxes, Otters, Deer, Elk, and more.

Woodland animals very rarely leave the safe environment of the forest and deserted uplands due to their timid nature. These creatures are often nocturnal and tend to hide during the day and hunt by night. To see them in the wild is a rare treat that is so often short lived. Recapture that moment in the woods and take time to marvel at their simple beauty with a realistic resin sculpture created with an incredible attention to detail that captures the appeal of these beautiful but wild woodland animals. Using these classic resin figures it is possible to reproduce a woodland copse or glade in your garden with the addition of life like visitors placed discretely among the undergrowth. Squirrels will scavenge on the forest floor looking for nuts while badgers will root through fallen wood and leaves for bugs, beetles and smaller animals. An overlooked section of the garden can be easily transformed into a woodland habitat with these beautiful forest creatures.

Animal Garden Ornaments
These resin woodland animal statues are made by Garden Creations to add a natural charm to any home or garden.  The statues make a fantastic gift for the animal lover and they are also ideal for schools and creches, wildlife parks, pet farms, animal open farms, petting zoos, and retail displays.

Woodland animal statues are collected by animal lovers and model enthusiasts everywhere. They complement any collection and will provide a talking point for years to come. Adding a woodland animal statue to your garden transforms it into a beautiful woodland scene, bring your trees and plants to life.

Resin Animals Perfect For Indoor & Outdoor Use
Alot of care and time is poured into the creation of each animal statue, they are painted all around and made from a UV stable resin that holds it's colours extremely well and stands up against our very changeable weather. Our animal garden ornaments and collectible figurines are life sized (aside from some of the larger animals like Elk and fully grown Deer), and incredibly detailed to look as realistic as possible, they can easily be mistaken for the real thing at first look. Perfect for animal lovers of all ages. These collectible ornaments have all been manufactured from a UV stable resin, this means that they are frost resistant and won't lose any detail from exposure to prolonged periods in strong sunlight either. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor use and can be left out in the changeable British weather all year round without damage or fading of colours.